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Welcome to Domestic Support, where we’ve been supporting Domestic Employers successfully since 2017. We specialise in managing the legal compliance of a Domestic Employer. This is any Employer that hires any domestic staff in their household.

If you employ any staff in your household, Domestic Support will ensure that you do so correctly and legally within the South African labour legislation framework. We support Domestic Employers from the onset when they want to hire a Domestic Worker up to termination of the employment relationship and everything in between! Giving you the Domestic Employer peace of mind that your hiring process was followed correctly, have a contract in place, ensure UIF and COIDA registration, manage a full payroll service and monthly compliance relating to UIF, payslips and leave management. We also provide a consulting service in cases such as termination of employment.

Estelle Carstens

Domestic Support was founded in 2017 by Estelle Carstens. Based in Johannesburg, the company serve the whole of South Africa. Estelle is passionate about people and manging employment relationships correctly according to labour legislation. The success of Domestic Support is based on our expertise in Human Resources and employment relations, that is further strengthened by our level of personal attention to each client.

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