Services by Domestic Support

Domestic Support provides services that support Employers with legal compliance within the labour legislation framework. Contact us so that we can assess your legal compliance.

 Contract & Job Description

If it is not in writing it’s up for dispute. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act regulates the employment relationship. The contract describes terms and conditions of employment. A job description is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities but will outline the core duties.

UIF Registration

If your employee works 24-hour or more in a month, you must be registered with the UIF as a Domestic Employer and your Employee/s under your UIF number. We assist with the UIF registration, and can manage the Monthly Compliance too.

UIF Arrears / Back-payment

If you neglected to register for UIF and/or to submit UIF returns, we can facilitate the process of getting your UIF up to date.

Monthly Compliance

On a monthly basis the Employer must submit the UIF return, pay 2% UIF contribution, issue a detailed payslip to the Employee and manage records of all leave types taken. Let Domestic Support manage your compliance and give you peace of mind.


If your Employee earns income that is above the tax threshold set by SARS, the Employee will be liable to pay tax on their income. The Employer must be registered with SARS for PAYE. PAYE submissions and paying tax over to SARS that was withheld by the Employer, is done monthly.

COID Registration

All Domestic Employers who employ any staff in their household must be registered with the Compensation Fund. It protects the Employer in case of injury of duty or extreme case of death.

COID Return of Earnings

Annually, the Employer is responsible to submit a Return of Earnings of their Employee/s. After that, an assessment fee is due to the Compensation Commissioner. Once paid, the Employer can apply for a Letter of Good Standing.

CCMA and legal matters

Have you received a CCMA notice of set down? Let us assess your matter and handle the CCMA on your behalf.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information.